Rep. Kinzinger Signs Letter Seeking Legislation to Protect 'Dreamers'


Under President Obama, an executive order was implemented called "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals", or DACA, protecting this group of people from deportation based exclusively on their immigration status.

Rallies are taking place across the country to protect 'dreamers, ' undocumented immigrants who came to the children.

Snyder, a Republican, has been a longtime immigrant advocate, pointing to immigrants as a boon to the state economy and part of the solution to its sluggish recovery in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 housing market collapse. In addition, about 2,000 people converged on nation's Capitol Wednesday for a rally demanding a DACA solution.

The coalition is calling for Congress to come up with a solution to the DACA program (also known as the DREAM Act) by year's end after the Obama-era program was rescinded by President Donald Trump.

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Unless Congress enacts legislation, immigrants will begin losing their DACA protection en masse starting in March, and would have to leave the US.

Gov. Rick Snyder's administration is renewing its push to keep thousands of young undocumented immigrants in MI as Democrats in Congress try to use budget talks to renew a version of a program that protected them. "I love these students".

Many dreamers have no memory of coming to America. Deporting them would cause "the disruption of our businesses and our way of life", he said.

Even months ahead of the program's termination deadline, some DACA recipients have already lost their protections.

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Changes to the law, if not postponed as lawmakers debate the issue, would affect more than 800,000 people nationwide including at least 7,000 in SC. "Today and everyday, HRC is proud to join forces with United We Dream, Center for Community Change, SEIU and many others to stand with all Dreamers and calls on Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act". Colcom's founder, Cordelia Scaife May, the late oil heiress, believed nature was being assailed by overpopulation and left more than $400 million to her foundation with the goal of dramatically restricting and expelling immigrants from the U.S. Today, almost half of her fortune is spent on this work, which includes deporting people like me from the only country we have ever known. Her parents gave up careers in Mexico and now work at menial, low-wage jobs, she said. "I'm heartened to see bipartisan support for these dreamers".

Diaz, a Sac State junior majoring in child development, said she wants to continue to mentor at-risk teens, "but my future is in limbo", she said.

"Thousands of DACA recipients live and work in my district, contributing to their community daily", Love said in a prepared statement.

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