Snow showers still possible Friday in parts of Central Georgia


If the cold air makes it farther south, we'll have more snow in more places.

At this point, little to no accumulation is expected for most areas since most of this event would be rain and our temperatures would be above freezing.

A First Alert Day remains in effect for Friday with a damp, cold, and raw day ahead. Wet ground from previous days rains combined with the rain that will remain mixed in with the sleet and snow should result in any wintry weather melting upon contact with surfaces tomorrow, so travel issues do no look to be a problem here in Southwest Louisiana. Some on the northern edge could see nothing at all, and others on the southern part could see all rain.

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Overrunning moisture to the north of a lingering front to the south will align with colder air aloft to generate snow potential in parts of the western Carolinas, but the areal extent, coverage, and intensity will be modulated largely by topography. Rain and snow lines don't stop magically at county lines. Still, any accumulations would likely have a hard time sticking to roadways, and be confined mainly to grassy and elevated surfaces.

These stretches of black ice may persist for a time into Saturday morning, before temperatures warm above freezing.

Most likely, there will be a 30- to 40-mile-wide strip of heavier snow, and trying to identify that far in advance is very hard to do. If there is any moisture left around Saturday night as our temperatures drop into the 20s, and if our winds settle down, there could be some slick spots on the roads, bridges and overpasses into Sunday morning, so keep that in mind.

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Most of Central Georgia will stay cold and rainy with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s.

Thursday will be another cold day as temperatures struggle to reach 40 degrees under cloudy sky in Lubbock and northerly wind speeds become gusty by afternoon.

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