SpaceX to send a Tesla Roadster into outer space


The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk has claimed that the Falcon Heavy rocket's first trip to space will accompany a Tesla Roadster into space.

"Will have double thrust of next largest rocket", he said. Guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another, ' Musk posted.

Its cargo? A Tesla Roadster with David Bowie on the stereo. Not anymore, as he just revealed what might be Falcon Heavy's first payload.

SpaceX has revolutionized the rocket industry, but it has also suffered spectacular setbacks over the years, including rockets blowing up on the launchpad and in flight.

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Let me give you a quick flashback, Tesla unveiled its first electric Semi Truck and Roadster fastest sports vehicle.

The $200,000 (£151,000) sports auto - an updated version of Tesla's first production vehicle - can seat four and travel 620 miles (1000 km) on a single charge, a new record for an electric vehicle. Not that the first humans on Mars will be able to drive it. The business tycoon has also divulged that Falcon 9's more powerful sibling will carry his personal midnight cherry Tesla Roadster to space. "Destination is Mars orbit".

Musk expects his Roadster to remain in deep space for a billion of years, unless Falcon Heavy blows up on its way to the red planet.

SpaceX also ultimately plans to be able to recover all three rocket cores that power the Falcon Heavy, just like it's done over the past year with main rocket booster stage of its Falcon 9s.

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Musk has spoken openly about the non-zero chance that the Falcon Heavy will explode during its first flight, and because of that he once said he wanted stick the "silliest thing we can imagine" on top of the rocket.

He wants to land at least two of the spacecraft on Mars in 2022 carrying equipment - and then ones transporting people in 2024.

Falcon Heavy is, in overly simple terms, three of the company's Falcon 9 rockets strapped together.

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