Today's Google Doodle is Meant to Help Kids Learn to Code


Devised with the help of the Google Blockly team and researchers from MIT Scratch, the Doodle celebrates 50 years since programming languages for kids were first introduced. The Doodle was developed by three teams including the Google Doodle team, Google Blockly team, and researchers from MIT Scratch.

The post continues to include words from Champika Fernando, Scratch Team's director of communications, who explores the evolution of children's programming languages from the '80s through to present day. A tweet by Google Doodles, said that it is Google's "VERY FIRST coding #GoogleDoodle" The interactive google doodle invites the user to collect carrots using code blocks and is called "Coding for Carrots".

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Scratch was developed at MIT and was created to be less intimidating than typical programming languages, but just as powerful and expressive.

By moving the turtle around the screen, users are able to draw different shapes. Today also marks the beginning of the Computer Science Education Week that will continue till December 10. And, yes, created an Hour of Code program that helps coordinate many of these efforts. Papert and his colleagues envisioned that computers could eventually be used by all children as a powerful tool for learning. It is created to be less intimidating than typical programming languages, but just as powerful and expressive. We have them in our homes, at work, and in our pockets.

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With that today's Google Doodle is all about helping kids learn to code, by breaking it down in the simplest way possible, using carrots and a furry (not to mention) hungry little rabbit. We believe all kids should have the opportunity to develop their confidence with the technology that surrounds us. It makes me happy to think of all of the nine-year-olds who will get their first coding experience playing with today's Doodle. She adds that she hopes people will find this experience appealing and engaging enough to be encouraged to pursue it further.

They built a Doodle to let anyone code in the Scratch programming language - similar to the LOGO language they taught many kids back in the 80s and 90s.

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