Amazon Vies with Google for Smart-Gadget Dominance


There is no news yet on the projected future of the Google Assistant, but fans are expecting more information in the coming months. Driven by the Google Assistant, it can be used as a digital assistant to listen to music, check your calendar, ask about the weather, set alarms, and more. So far, this vision has been presented primarily through smart speaker hubs created to be placed in the centre of your home.

Google showed a lot of support in the Z-Wave Alliance booth, being part of many demonstrations there.

The idea is for Google to remain competitive with Amazon's Alexa.

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Starting your day gets easier with the Lenovo Smart Display. LG, Lenovo, Sony and JBL are all integrating Google Assistant into so-called Smart Displays, which will let you interact with the Assistant in new ways. However, the Mobile Accessory Kit is much simpler and uses Bluetooth to communicate to other devices.

Both companies usually shun conventions like CES, preferring to debut gadgets at their own press events.

At the massive CES consumer electronics show this week, Google was practically everywhere, promoting its Google Assistant voice-response technology and other initiatives, a stark contrast to last year's conference when rival Amazon ( AMZN ) cunningly took over the trade show with its Alexa voice assistant and Google was largely absent. While those consumer electronics categories are still well represented at the annual technology convention in Las Vegas, they are overshadowed by autonomous auto, artificial intelligence, computers, apps, AR, VR, health trackers, drones, and more, to name just a tiny few categories. Google doesn't appear rattled and the company is looking at its assistant's use over time. On Tuesday, the search giant had a few announcements to make which included its plans to expand Assistant this year and a new product called Google Pay. Now, users have been able to issue voice commands to Android Auto in the past, but that was simply to invoke Google Voice search, which was limited in terms of functionality. The company reportedly aims to make a profit on this device and would likely not have indulged in the market share contest with Amazon and Google over the holiday period.

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Unlike Amazon and Google, Apple has pushed its smart devices interface, HomeKit, which provides Siri compatibility, rather than promoting Siri compatibility per se in the market.

"We'll have to see how that works out", Google's Scott Huffman, a Google VP, said. With Amazon Alexa considered to be the leading assistant for the smart home, Google's been forced to demonstrate that Assistant is growing too.

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