Anderson Cooper Chokes Up Discussing Haiti, Slams Trump's "Racist" Comments


As for Africa, he asked why more people from "s-thole countries" should be allowed into the USA, the sources said. Trump was quoted as saying.

The US President reportedly used that term during a meeting in reference to people from Africa and Haiti, according to CNN. "Mr. Trump surely does not understand that what makes America Great is its diversity stemming from the immigration of the 'poor, the exhausted and the huddled masses'".

Mr Trump said the bipartisan immigration proposal is "a big step backwards" because it does not fund a wall along the Mexican border, and claimed it would force the USA "to take large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly".

Meanwhile, Democrats are condemning the remarks.

The White House did not deny Trump's purported comments when asked to comment on the story.

The Haitian government has reportedly summoned a USA official to explain why President Donald Trump used obscene language in relation to several nations, including Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries.

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The meeting was attended by half a dozen senators and congressmen from both parties.

Mia Love, whose family came from Haiti, called the president's comments "unkind, divisive [and] elitist". "This behavior is unacceptable from the leader of our nation", she said.

The Cuban-born Gimenez used his statement to highlight Miami-Dade's immigrant-rich population, including one of the largest concentrations of former Haitian residents in the country.

The agreement among senators came as more than 100 corporate CEOs urged Congress to "act immediately and pass a permanent bipartisan legislative solution to enable Dreamers who are now living, working, and contributing to our communities to continue doing so".

"If true, President Trump's remarks are very unfortunate and shameful", Mayor Carlos Gimenez said in the statement issued after 10 p.m. Thursday. "The sooner he is made aware that America needs the world and the world needs America the better it is for all of us", Ras Mubarak said.

Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine was scathing in his criticism.

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"He has not only insulted Africans, he has also insulted African-Americans", said Sylvester Odion Akhaine, associate professor of worldwide relations at the Lagos State University in Nigeria. He said he wants to call the bill to the floor of the Senate early next week.

"This is who Donald Trump is".

A Republican with knowledge of Thursday's meeting said the White House hastily invited Cotton to join the immigration discussion. "That is all I have to say", Kenyan entrepreneur Wangui Muraguri told the AP in his Nairobi office.

Three weeks ago, The New York Times reported that Trump had said Haitians "all have Aids" during a similar June meeting.

Altidor said that since the reports of Trump's remarks, he had been "bombarded by emails from the American public apologizing" and said he knew Trump's comments were "not the views of the American public".

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