Bill for earlier firefighter retirement passes senate committee


To that end, we fully expect to pay an increased fee for the privilege of selling cold beer and for this fee to be designated by the Legislature to compensate "mom and pop" liquor store owners who believe their licenses will be devalued.

Past year the commission did not have enough members present for a vote to express support for expanding cold beer sales.

"A vote to expand cold beer sales" is a vote to "put liquor stores out of business", testified Jon Sinder, who is a co-owner of Crown Liquors a chain of central IN liquor stores.

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Ricker's Convenience Stores owner Jay Ricker says he's glad the bill at least got a hearing - it's the first time cold beer has ever gotten even that far in the Senate.

The House Public Policy Committee passed House Bill 1051, which would allow liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores and restaurants to sell carryout alcohol. Similar legislation, Senate Bill 1, has also passed out of its Senate committee.

But today's vote sent a strong message that cold beer is different and lawmakers want to continue to see it sold exclusively at package liquor stores.

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Patrick Tamm of the Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers said alcohol is a risky substance that can destroy lives.

"Should the state allow cold beer to be sold in convenience stores and gas stations, we would be forced to carry to be competitive", Singh said. They included a delay in effective date, a requirement that all clerks be 21 to sell alcohol and provisions allowing liquor stores to sell other food products.

"I know my store would have to close", he said.

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Kelly McClure, president of McClure Oil Corp., said she can be trusted to buy beer when and where she wants and encouraged senators to represent their constituents.