Brady in a stew over Jags-just-another-tomato-can talk


That got a rise out of the Jaguars - who won 45-42 - and led to the following question to Patriots safety Duron Harmon during his weekly interview on WBZ-TV's "Sports Final" program on Sunday night: Could you imagine a Patriots player tweeting about a potential future matchup like that? The answer, of course, is, nothing ... but it can't be repeated enough.

At times Sunday, Jaguars running back was going 4 yards before getting touched, and when he was touched, he was dragging defenders an extra 4 to 6 yards. If they don't, it would assure that the magnitude of the Jaguars' achievement can never be diminished.

While Corby Caldwell noted that the Steelers' offense could threaten the Patriots, David Keene of Strafford, N.H. had already written off the Pittsburgh team five minutes into the third quarter as they trailed 28-14. They have had the best defense and that is always a challenge when you go up against those guys.

The Patriots are used to reaping the rewards of intense practices, so they instantly respected the Jaguars' approach as it related to their long-term prospects.

Blake Bleeping Bortles. He seems like a nice fellow. "We are going to the win that (expletive)".

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And while the Patriots have struggled at times this year to set the edge on outside runs, making Fournette go horizontal and not square his pads will be the goal this week. I just don't get how all season long the Jags have had a brittle-boned, old lady with osteoporosis offense unit with a broken hip ... and suddenly in the Divisional Round, not only are they pounding the ball on the ground (and actually moving the rock) but Bortles is playing like he's got a pair, delivering the ball downfield into the hands of his receivers instead of into the hands of the defensive backs! That's a part of his game.

Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.

The Patriots led the National Football League this season in first downs by penalties.

"There's a reason why they're in this game", he said. Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia also has a different blend of players to juggle, too, with no Dont'a Hightower since November.

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is apologizing for his language, not his message.

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The biggest factor for the Jaguars taking the win was the running game, as rookie Leonard Fournette exploded for 109 yards on 25 carries with three scores.

All of that said, however ... the "secret" to beating Brady when he's been beaten has been the pass rush, and handling the Jaguars' front seven will be a mighty task.

Hearing Brady talk, the Jaguars aren't the underdog that they may be made out to be in some spots.

Why were the Pittsburgh Steelers talking about the New England Patriots? Von Miller led the domination there. Mariota finished 22 of 37 for 254 yards and two touchdowns with 37 rushing yards. The Pats have a bend-but-don't-break defense that allows a lot of yardage (366.0, which is fourth-most in the NFL) but not a lot of points (18.5, fifth-best in the NFL). Guard had a few colorful words to dispel that notion, saying, "No way we [expletive] overlooked" the team for which they had two weeks to prepare and beat them 30-9 in Week 5. Bortles is much maligned, but he's better than what Peyton Manning was for that Broncos team, and he's on par with how Eli Manning played for Coughlin's Giants.

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