Californian Confesses To Chilly Case Slaying In Emotional TV Interview


Brian Keith Hawkins, 46, walked into KRCR and confessed to the 1993 murder of 20-year-old Frank Wesley McAlister in Shingletown, California. Police tried to find him for a year until a hiker found his remains. When he arrived, Curtis Culver and Hawkins stabbed him to death.

The station told Hawkins that they would not air an interview with him until he spoke to law enforcement.

Shanna Culver, who was 16 at the time of the killing, told police this week that the four were in the vehicle, but that McAlister dropped her, her brother and Hawkins off near a Redding park - similar to the story police said the trio had told before.

Investigators learned quickly that Hawkins and the Culver siblings were acquainted with McAlister and may have been the last people to see him, having claimed that he dropped them off at a park in Redding on the day McAlister went missing, the complaint says. "I know the wrong can't be changed but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing".

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"Horrible, horrible, horrible, absolute horror, absolutely horrible since that day".

Hawkins told officials he and Curtis Culver stabbed McAllister to death, and dumped his body in the woods in rural, mountainous Shasta County.

While he didn't share details of what happened that night with KRCR, police later released a statement, according to Fox News.

They then robbed McAlister and stabbed him to death, leaving his body at the scene of the crime and dumping his auto in a Costco parking lot.

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Investigators said that after they were taken into custody, one of the Culvers confessed to their part in the crime, though it was not revealed which one came forward. "It's kind of weird, Frank never got to have a life, but we were teenagers and now I'm 44 and still haven't even had a life and now most likely won't anyway", Hawkins said. "I've been through hell my whole life because of this".

Hawkins said that there wasn't a moment in his life since that time that he hasn't been remorseful. He explained that he also sought to reach out to the McAlister family, but Frank's father died before he was able to get there. He told them that the trio initially wanted to rob the young man.

He said that he hoped that the community would forgive him, shedding tears at times during the interview. I am also an editor for Turning Point News and a foreign correspondent for Snip.And in case you were wondering, it's supposed to be pronounced "Wit-2".

No arrests were made in the two decades since. Hawkins' confession is believed to be the biggest break in the case since.

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