Cape Town faces day of reckoning on drought and corruption


Cape Town - The ANC was quick to remind the DA's Western Cape leader Bonginkosi Madikizela that a probe by the legislature into his conduct is yet to be completed, after he sharply criticised mayor Patricia de Lille.

The French news agency AFP notes that an average shower uses about 15 liters of water a minute, while a toilet generally requires about 15 liters per use.

Instead residents will have to queue at standpipes for daily water rations of 25 litres (6.6 United States gallons). Experts have predicted that the city will reach "day zero", a point at which the dams drop below 13.5 percent of their combined capacity, on April 21.

Residents have already imposed water-saving measures in full force.

"The city of Cape Town could conceivably become the first major city in the world to run out of water, and that could happen in the next four months", Dr Anthony Turton, a professor at the Centre for Environmental Management at the University of the Free State told New York Times.

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Cape Town has been caught in the throes of an unprecedented drought for three years.

In an effort to avoid running out of water, the city started several projects to build up its water supply in recent months.

Council has also decided that de Lille must consult her mayoral committee before taking further decisions on the water crisis.

Regional residents have expressed astonishment and fear over the coming crisis.

Ms De Lille said consumption remained too high with half of residents still not keeping to the restrictions and announced she would move "Day Zero" a week forward to April 22, according to TimesLIVE. However, the week of January 8, the number dropped to just 39 percent of residents.

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Bruce Hewitson is a climatologist at the University of Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town has scrapped the proposed introduction of a drought levy, after the proposal was withdrawn at a special sitting on Friday.

The #Capewatercrisis continues, this is the latest photos of Theewaterskloof dam, its scary to see how barren it is, where there was once water is now dust and sand.

One study predicts that almost 74 percent of global populations will be threatened by risky heatwaves by the close of the century, and we could even see record-high summer temperatures every other year as soon as 2030.

Cape Town is just one example of these predictions spilling over into reality. Read the original article.

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