CBO: Reauthorizing CHIP Will Save $6 Billion


If Congress doesn't act on CHIP this month, programs in 24 states could soon be facing significant shortfalls, according to a new report.

Jones became the 24 co-sponsor of the bill, the Keep Kids' Insurance Dependable and Secure (KIDS) Act of 2017.

A press conference was held Thursday at the Kanawha City Health Center in Charleston where health care advocates discussed the benefits of CHIP and the importance of continuing to serve the almost 21,000 West Virginia children who depend on the coverage.

Advocates hope this change will enable Congress to come to an agreement on a long-term solution.

"This uncertainty and the ongoing inaction by Congress increases the likelihood that states will take action to prepare families for the worst". "It is long past time to renew CHIP and I'm proud to join my colleagues who are fighting for the children who depend on it".

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Meanwhile, the almost $3 billion for CHIP that Congress passed in December could run out in just a few weeks. But after Congress approved a short-term spending plan on December 21, ALL Kids withdrew those warnings for the time being.

Congress allowed CHIP funding to expire September 30.

That may have gotten easier with a January 5 estimate showing that a Senate bill to extend CHIP would increase deficits by $800 million over 10 years, far lower than the previous projection of more than $8 billion.

"If we go to six years, it may have no cost", Walden said. But if CHIP comes back, the parent is the only one to remain on the policy, facing a cost for the coverage.

The federal government paid almost $14.5 billion for CHIP expenses in fiscal 2016, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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Hall said that because eliminating the mandate is expected to raise the government's cost to subsidizing people purchasing exchange insurance plans, extending CHIP funding could encourage parents to get insurance for their children through that program instead of through exchanges.

CHIP needs to regain long-term funding.

Alabama and Utah are among the states unsure how long their federal CHIP funding will last, according to interviews with state officials. She can not afford private coverage for her two children on her dental hygienist pay. When Ciro broke his arm ice-skating previous year, CHIP covered his medical bills. "We should stop the uncertainty and permanently extend CHIP".

"These families don't know if the rug is being pulled out from them at any time", he said. "They seem so cavalier about it", she said. "We will have to decide between their health and spending the money on something else", she said. Murkowski said health care costs should be a priority.

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