Charming 'Paddington 2' a treat for all ages


Check our movie review. Equally convincing are Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon as Paddington's Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo. Can Paddington clear his name and get the book for Lucy's 100 birthday?

Phoenix knows something that Paddington doesn't, though. Now we slip back to see that Paddington continues to inspire joy in the Browns and everyone around him. Hawkins delights as the adventure loving mother, and while Bonneville has less to do this time out, he's having a lot of fun playing along with Mr.

Three years after he moved to London, Paddington (Ben Whishaw) is looking to get his Aunt Lucy the flawless birthday present - an antique pop-up book of London. While Paddington gets used to bedtime with no story, Mrs. But to make up for the oversight, this sequel improves on the first in the physical comedy department. One night Paddington notices a unusual man breaking into the antique store that houses the coveted pop-up book, attempts to stop it and wrongly ends up in prison.

The bear turns a series of unfortunate events, fortunate every time just by the power of his good heart. With no one but his new family left believing the truth of the matter that the disguised perpetrator disappeared in a puff via smoke grenade, the bright red hat and blue duffel coat get swapped out for prison garments. Soon, Knuckles McGinty (Brendan Gleeson), the most fearsome of criminals, has come around. This book would be the next best thing to actually being able to visit in person. They are busy trying to nail Buchanan for the theft but miss visiting day, convincing sad Paddington that they've forgotten him.

Henry and Mary break into Buchanan's house and find a secret attic with Buchanan's many costumes. Paddington 2 is a character that we all can relate to from tots to teens and beyond. It's all beautifully made, delivering wondrous visual effects and magically conceived sequences that are often more impressive than those of films thrice this scale.

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Through the annals of anthropomorphization, Paddington strides like a colossus - utterly human, completely bear. Those that have seen the first movie know that Paddington is incredibly well-mannered and wants to please everyone he meets. Will anyone really find the treasure?

Grant, as well-known as he is, rarely appears in truly family-friendly fare.

All the situations that Paddington goes through in this movie teaches a lesson.

Bilge Ebiri, Miami New Times: "Aside from being a disarming, refreshing wallow in kindness, Paddington 2 also has the benefit of being well-constructed and exceedingly well-performed". The movie is "bigger" in scope that the 2015 film.

To be fair, Grant makes for an enjoyably ridiculous villain in a part that comes with no small amount of self-deprecation. All the actors are doing their best work to serve a sweet, adventurous story. With the Peruvian bear officially welcomed as a permanent member of the Brown family, he now faces a new challenge: getting a job. The film is a heartfelt effort to inject a dash of goodness into the world and leave behind a kind message.

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On the trail to the treasureCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The mixture of live action and computer-generated imagery feels natural, too. If his previous feature was visually inventive, Paddington 2 is King and company delivering pure eye candy without forsaking any substance.

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington): "I think you are in great shape for a man your age, Mr. Brown". Since the movie achieves all its goals and more, we can go five stars.

The prospects for "Paddington 2" were grim at the outset. And yes, if you're a fan of the BBC's "Top Gear" and Amazon's "The Grand Tour". Scenes of Paddington washing windows, attempting to manage a barbershop and riding a dog bareback (bearback?) have more invention and less pop-song hyperactivity than the last entry.

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