Donald Trump: Shock over United States president's migrants remarks


On Friday, Mr Trump ignored press questions about the issue as he signed a proclamation declaring a holiday in honour of civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr - as presidents do every year.

African politicians labeled Trump a racist, while the United Nations human rights office also rejected the reported comments as "racist" and inciting xenophobia.

"I can not believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday", Durbin said. The Republican president denied using a vulgar reference in comments that many Democrats and African leaders called racist.

Dodging the questions, the President said goodbye to his guests and rushed out of the room.

One Democratic lawmaker says that Republicans need to loudly denounce the disparaging remarks President Donald Trump allegedly made about Haiti and African countries.

It has asked the ambassador "to clarify if Botswana is regarded as a "shithole" country given that there are Botswana nationals residing in the United States, and also that some of Batswana may wish to visit the US".

Political commentators and members of the Congressional Black Caucus pointed out that Trump's comments denigrated majority-black nations and expressed a preference for the majority-white Norway.

"I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians!" he tweeted.

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Graham and Durbin are leading efforts to codify protections for so-called "dreamers", immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children.

Even some of Trump's closest allies said they didn't feel the comments were appropriate if true.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted that he used "tough" language at the meeting, but not the reported vulgarity.

Durbin said in his statement Friday that he and others in his bipartisan group will continue pressing for a DACA deal.

Orange County Commissioner Victoria Siplin, who is of Haitian ancestry, said Friday that Trump is misinformed about the island nation, the first independent country founded by freed slaves.

He called immigration "a handsome story of America" and said Africans in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, are "incredible citizens".

Other GOP lawmakers struck the now-familiar balance of distancing themselves from the president's statements, but not criticizing Trump himself.

A decade of immigration to the United States where new immigrants can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives with them has exceeded two years of all American births. The president did not support their plan but the "Gang of Six" said they were planning to promote their plan to colleagues in the Senate to get more support.

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Tweeted Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona: "The words used by the president, as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance, were not 'tough, ' they were abhorrent and repulsive".

Elsewhere in the country, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation Leanne Manas showered snark on Trump's remarks.

During a meeting on Thursday with legislators about a proposed bipartisan deal on immigration, Mr Trump reportedly said: "Why do we want all these people from Africa here?"

"Trump will not last in office", Maxon said.

"If the remarks attributed to President Trump are accurate, they have no place in our public discourse", they said in a statement.

The White House was also forced to deny a previous New York Times report that Trump said in a June meeting on immigration that Haitians "all have AIDS".

"We do not recall the president saying these comments specifically", Perdue and Cotton said.

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