Fights Break Out at New York's JFK Airport Amid Massive Blizzard Delays


There were about 3 inches (7.5 cm) of water inside the west end of Terminal 4, Scott Ladd, a spokesman for the Port Authority, said in an email. After water from the broken pipe began flooding the terminal, power to the affected areas of the terminal was shut off for safety reasons.

The water main disaster happened Sunday afternoon in Terminal 4 - "the major gateway for global arrivals at JFK airport", the airport's website says.

The cause of the break appeared to be "weather-related" but would be investigated, as would why the pipe had not been weather protected and whether other failures contributed to the disruption, officials said. Seven worldwide flights were at gate at the time of the incident, PANYNJ said, but passengers from the flights were able to deplane and were processed through customs. The authority said it will "hold those responsible accountable for any shortcomings we find".

Then, around 2 p.m. on Sunday, the sub-zero temperatures led to a water main bursting at Terminal 4, flooding the baggage claim area.

Carlos Koester, 52, was in NY for a week with his wife and two teens and just wanted to get home to Brazil.

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The flooding shut down part of Terminal 4, suspending global flights to the terminal Sunday evening.

Water poured from the ceiling on to a check-in counter and covered large areas of the floor of Terminal 4, video on CNN showed.

According to NBC Miami, employees at the JFK Airport were working to diminish the backlog of flights when two airplanes collided on the runway, stalling the progress made towards connecting customers with flights.

In other odd John F. Kennedy Airport news, an American Airlines flight that departed on Friday afternoon was forced to return immediately after takeoff.

Passengers at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4 wait for flights, Monday, Jan. 8, 2018. The incident also forced the suspension of global arrivals at the terminal.

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Frozen equipment, luggage-handling problems and staff shortages slowed down operations on the ground.

While global and domestic flights resumed at Terminal 4, the wait continues at baggage claim. But hundreds of passengers' suitcases were soaked - including long-delayed luggage from last week's weather calamity. "That was kind of weird", said Mona Bismuth, 27, a passenger.

"It's far from it, because I mean just look around; there's no place to sit", he said.

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton said the agency, which oversees airport operations, would conduct a thorough investigation.

"I have just called baggage and they say they have a backlog of at least 1000 bags".

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Worldwide terminal operators intend to reunite passengers still in New York City with lost baggage by Tuesday morning, he said.