Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Coming to PC


Mega fans of the game with a little extra cash can plop down $150 for the Collector's Edition, which is only being sold on the Square Enix Store.

The game will also play in 60FPS, and will be compatible with 21:9 ultra-wide monitors.

Maximized License Points and Gil - New functionality added to grant players max License Points and Gil from the configuration screen.

There could be new Final Fantasy games announced too like Final Fantasy XVI, as the previous game came out in 2016 and it's due for a new mainline Final Fantasy game.

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Originally launched in 2006 for the PS2 and known for introducing many landmark features to the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XII takes place in the grand world of Ivalice, where the small kingdom of Dalmasca is left in ruin and uncertainty. Those gamers that don't want to start the game from the beginning will be able to do so.

You can see the official website for the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition here, and keep tabs on the event at the official Twitter.

The game's producer Hiroaki Kato gave some insight into why the PC version took more time to release in relation to the console re-release. It also features a voice-over by Maaya Sakamoto, who did the Japanese voices for Aerith in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 (along with with a ton of other VOs in anime, games, and films).

It's likely that this is what the new SKU would be about, but we don't exactly have confirmation yet from Square Enix, so, until we do, then it's just speculation as to what this new version of the game would be.

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Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV turned out to be a huge seller after spending a decade in development and having to restart on the concept several times over.

The Zodiac Age will launch in just a few weeks on February 1 on the PC.

The Steam version of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will retail for $49.99 and come with a 20% launch discount.

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