Game Boy is respawning thanks to Hyperkin


Now Hyperkin is making an early entry to the market with its latest buzz-friendly device: the Ultra Game Boy.

While it remains unclear whether Nintendo will release a Game Boy Classic Edition this year similar to the insanely popular NES and SNES models, Hyperkin has chose to take matters into their own hands. It probably won't be called the Ultra Game Boy (Nintendo licensing right and all) and it won't include any built-in games - that's right, you'll need to dust off those old cartridges or head over to eBay to start building your library.

Nintendo has spent the last couple of years manufacturing miniaturized versions of classic games consoles.

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Based on reports from CES 2018, the Ultra Game Boy will function more or less like Nintendo's original 1989 system.

This isn't Hyperkin's first foray into Game Boy nostalgia.

We've had the NES Mini, the SNES Mini - and now it's time Nintendo's original Game Boy to make a 21st Century comeback. "That backlight can also be turned off, if you want a truly authentic, squinty, Game Boy experience". Stereo audio is another big feature on the Ultra GB, which was implemented with Chiptune musicians in mind.

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It's impossible to count how many hours we spent (wasted) blowing air into cartridges, swapping games, and charging up that little lad who actually had a surprisingly long battery life considering. It also retains the original's volume and contrast dials, but a third dial (which will be included in the final design) will allow you to adjust the new backlit LCD display's RGB spectrum.

Hyperkin's Game Boy clone is expected to arrive near the end of summer for under $100.

Retro gaming consoles already have a massive presence in the tech world, as the unbelievable demand for things like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic has proven.

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Instead, this is simply the best possible version of the Game Boy you'll ever put your hands on.