Google plans to expand undersea cables


In addition to new cables, Google will also be opening data centers in five new regions this year. It's a big investment, though a drop in the bucket compared to the $30 billion Google has spent to date on improving its infrastructure over the past three years. Our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide, and at Google Cloud, our customers are able to make use of the same network infrastructure that powers Google's own services.

Google's cloud regions and zones as of January 2018.

Google is planning to build three underwater cables in 2019 to help expand its cloud business to new regions as it battles rivals Microsoft and Amazon.

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The company plans to follow up these openings by commissioning three subsea cables in 2019 that will respectively connect Chile to Los Angeles, the U.S. to Denmark and Ireland, and Hong Kong to other communication hubs in Asia. Both are consortium cables, whereas Curie is Google's private cable linking Los Angeles and Chile. Once deployed, Curie will be Chile's largest single data pipe and will serve Google users as well as customers across Latin America.

"Since we control the design and construction process, we can fully define the cable's technical specifications, streamline deployment, and deliver service to users and customers faster".

Google was one of the consortium members behind a 28Tbps undersea fiber link built in 2013 to connect China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Brunei with Japan. "Also, once the cable is deployed, we can make routing decisions that optimise for latency and availability", said Treynor.

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These three cables will take Google's direct investments up to 11 cables, with the others including: Indigo, PLCN, Tannat, Junior, Monet, FASTER, SJC and UNITY.

The Havfrue, which will connect the United States to Denmark and Ireland will come online by the end of 2019 is consortium run with Facebook, Aqua Comms and Bulk Infrastructure and will increase capacity in the North Atlantic systems.

"Simply put, it wouldn't be possible to deliver products like Machine Learning Engine, Spanner, BigQuery and other Google Cloud Platform and G Suite services at the quality of service users expect without the Google network".

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