Google's New Google Assistant Directory Tells You Everything It Can Do


At CES 2018, LG announced several products that feature Google Assistant, though the company's fridges feature Amazon Alexa integration.

New research has come out that looks at the number of Americans that own a smart speaker along the lines of the Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. However, when it comes to the company's refrigeration units will use Alexa.

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Sorted by categories, it really is a comprehensive thesaurus of all the interactions Google's useful piece of software is capable of, and it's enough to supercharge the experience of even the most devoted fans. The two types of Lenovo smart displays which can be used as a picture frames when not in use will retail for $199,99 and $249.99 respectively this summer.

Each of the devices will host a swath of apps that fall under the Google umbrella. Google's also said to be hammering out a strategy for buying products and services via the Google Assistant. It's no secret that Amazon Echos are selling like hot cakes, so if Google wants to close the gap, it needs to get into more devices. The 8-inch model costs $199 and the 10-inch model will cost $249.

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While that phrase sounds like typical PR/marketing hyperbole, we are actually inclined to trust Samsung's diagnosis in this case. In other words, aside from its ridiculous size, The Wall is as close to the ideal new TV as we've seen so far from any brand.

Amazon's Fire TV devices have been shipping with support for Alexa for years, initially offering access to the company's voice assistant via microphones integrated into the Fire TV's remote control. But it has taken up a decent approach over it's "touch screen speaker".

Google has spent the previous year bringing Assistant to over 400 million devices as it aims to make its virtual assistant available pretty much everywhere.

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Lenovo is known for computing, but JBL is a speaker brand first and foremost, which demonstrates the hybrid nature of these devices. In the home speaker segment also, Alexa-based devices sell around 70% in the United States market, leaving the rest to be divided among the other players. JBL has thrown its hat into the ring with Google as they've partnered up to make the Link View. We would get to see some more smart displays from various giants in the coming days. If you have any feedbacks to share, kindly drop us into the comments section given below this post.