Here come the class-action lawsuits against Intel over CPU security flaws


While this may seem to be the case for Meltdown, Spectre is a more widespread and deep-rooted flaw and there is no fix for it as of now. "This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents". Within, Intel states that its next batch of security updates to its processors will grant them immunity to the exploits.

Lawyers filed a lawsuit in San Jose, Calif., federal court on Wednesday that sought class action status and compensation for people who had bought vulnerable Intel chips or computers that came with them already installed.

Furthermore, these exploits affect virtually everyone and all systems that rely on either AMD or Intel processors.

Suspiciously, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold off $24 million worth of stock late a year ago before the vulnerabilities became public knowledge. A spokesperson for the company has said the transactions were "unrelated" to the flaws and were made "pursuant to a pre-arranged stock sale plan (10b5-1) with an automated sale schedule".

The tech firm said it had "made significant progress" on fixing two serious flaw affecting computers and gadgets including Apple iPads and iPhones which are fitted with chips made by Intel and other companies.

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How big is the problem?


Most interesting (and potentially troubling) about the transactions is the fact that it left Krzanich with exactly 250,000 shares-the bare minimum that he is required to hold as CEO of the company, according to the company bylaws.

Phoronix has published multiple gaming benchmarks related to this Intel CPU design flaw and the impact on gaming is minimal and unimportant so you need not worry about it having an effect on your FPS.

The Tame Apple Press has been doing its best to claim that Apple is less affected than anyone else because no one had been hacked using the exploit.

Intel has released a statement saying that the flaw isn't unique to their own chips.

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Bryan Ma, a senior analyst at technology consultancy IDC, says data centres and devices that connect to the cloud are also at risk.

For now, however, Intel is the one in the legal hot seat. And, for what it's worth, Intel shares are trading at nearly exactly the same price as when Krzanich sold his shares (a weighted average of $44.05 in November compared to $44.12 today).

The chipmaker has said it is "rapidly issuing" updates for all Intel-based computer systems that may have been affected by the flaws. "Spectre" can affect computers, phones and tablets.

You'd really notice the speed "if you hammer the disk, the network, or use software that makes lots of system calls in and out of the kernel", and if you lack PCID support.

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