He's Working On Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles Show


"Bryan Fuller is working with Anne Rice and [her son] Chris, who are writing the pilot. The rich and vast world she has created with The Vampire Chronicles is unmatched and sophisticated with '90s gothic undertones that will be perfectly suited to captivate audiences", Powell shared with Deadline previous year.

"We bought 11 novels as part of the Vampire Chronicles initiative", Paramount president Amy Powell shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

Known for his TV adaptations of Hannibal and American Gods, Fuller is also a lifelong Anne Rice fan.

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Based on what he said it looks like this is a long time coming for Fuller, who in the 80's called up Anne Rice saying he wanted to make a film of Interview With The Vampire but was turned down by the author her saying he was too young.

Bryan Fuller is trading gods for vampires. His wild gothic nightmare series Hannibal drew influence from Rice's books, particularly the turbulent relationship between vampires Louis and Lestat, as it did Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series.

Anne Rice's son and collaborator on the project, Christopher Rice, revealed the news with an awesome anecdote on Facebook, sharing that when he was just a teenager, Fuller had looked Rice up in the phone book and told her he had a dream of adapting her books for the screen one day.

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Bryan Fuller is taking another juicy bite out of television. He went on: "Almost instantly after we sold the rights last April, we knew we were working with some of the finest producers television had to offer".

For months now, we've been developing written material that focuses Lestat's story for television while also delivering on the promises Mom made to her fans previous year when she first announced her intentions for the show.

"Interview with the Vampire" came out in 1994 with Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Kirsten Dunst and Tom Cruise as Lestat.

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There is no release date or casting information for the TV adaptation of the series.