ISRO's 100th satellite takes off


"The PSLV has performed well in the past with several successful launches", said A.S. Kiran Kumar, ISRO's chairman, in a story published by the Bangalore Mirror. Past year two satellites in the Cartosat-2 series were launched on June 23 and February 15, from the spaceport on the east coast, about 90km up Chennai.

The 31 satellites include three Indian satellites and 28 satellites from six foreign countries - Canada, Finland, France, Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

ISRO is helping not just India but several other countries in putting communication, navigation and other satellites into orbit.

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Earlier, at the end of the 28-hour countdown, the 44.4-metre-tall PSLV-C40 lifted off at 9:29 am and soared into a cloudy sky from the first launch pad for its 42nd flight. But this launch proves that all problems were addressed and rectified.

Modi's government has been promoting a domestic space programme as a demonstration of low-priced technology and last February launched 104 satellites in a single mission, majority for foreign customers.

The space agency is looking forward to major missions - the second onboard the GSLV and the Chandrayaan II launch - this year and by June, it hopes to deploy 250 satellites.

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A total of 31 small satellites were launched into space on Friday. As an observational satellite, Cartosat will beam high-quality images for cartographic, urban and rural applications, coastal land use and regulation and utility management like road network monitoring.

The Indian satellites are 710 kg Cartosat-2 series for earth observation, a 100 kg micro satellite and a 5 kg nano satellite. "So PSLV-C40 marks maiden century of Indian satellite.we are eagerly waiting for that", he said.

However, 2018 is likely to be ISRO's most ambitious year yet.

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# According to ISRO, the Cartosat-2 series satellite launch is a follow-on mission with the primary objective of providing high resolution scene specific spot imageries.