LaVar Ball: 'LeBron's coming to LA I know he's coming to LA'


He was asked about LaVar Ball after the demonstrative dad told ESPN that the Lakers no longer want to play for coach Luke Walton, a dear Kerr friend and former top assistant with the Warriors.

With the Lakers constantly drawing attention and making headlines for all the right and wrong reasons, the 22-year-old forward out of MI also gave his unique view on the state of sports news coverage as a whole and the environment a rookie enters in the modern National Basketball Association.

"Luke doesn't have control of the [Lakers] no more". Those parents have not claimed celebrity status nor do they have television cameras following them around the world to document their every move.

I've talked to people in the media and said 'Why do you guys have to cover that guy.' They say 'We don't want to.

Generations later, with Johnson now running the franchise as team president, the Lakers' new prized 20-year-old rookie, Lonzo Ball, faces an even tougher assignment.

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- Yeah. Sat him six times in the fourth quarter early this year.

And it deserves an entirely different response. He, too, declined to speak.

Being that Walton is a former assistant on the Warriors staff and someone Kerr considers friend, he chose to stand up for his pal but ended up throwing LaVar Ball under the bus in the process.

Walton said that some coaches reached out to him on Sunday, voicing support for him after seeing LaVar Ball's comments.

Even though he's halfway across the globe, Ball still found time to criticize Walton's handling of the Lakers, which Kerr said is an unfortunate reality of the job in Los Angeles.

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LaVar Ball continues to make headlines, much to the chagrin of basketball fans like ESPN's Dick Vitale. Kerr is traveling down the right path but maybe taking a wrong turn. "You know how many parents of my players that have probably been at home wondering, 'Why isn't he playing my kid?'" Kerr said. But their criticisms ring hollow in the wake of their petulant attacks against ESPN for the network's overwhelming coverage of LaVar Ball.

The trigger, apparently, was an ESPN report quoting L.A. native LaVar Ball, the hoops brand promoter and father of Lakers player Lonzo Ball.

LaVar Ball is no Kardashian. They're seeing that the more ridiculous your words and more reckless your actions, the more attention you garner.

That's why the Lakers have spiraled recently. This appears to have caused trouble amongst the players, as a team practice was cancelled in order for some players to have a team meeting to vent frustrations with the management in their roles and direction of the team. Seeking to capitalize, The Athletic trumpeted a "no LaVar Ball" policy as part of a push to try the subscription service. Not because he was trying to discipline him, but because UCLA coach Steve Alford had suspended him (and two of his teammates) indefinitely.

Instead, they said nothing.

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