Letterman-Obama Netflix Interview Gets Negative Reviews: 'Fawning,' 'Lackluster,' 'Bland'


"What the Russians exploited--but it was already here--is we are operating in completely different universes". That's less clear now, as, on one hand, the dignity of the Presidency has been sullied, and, on the other, the skills honed by years hosting a talk show have come to seem like the kind of credentials that might make for a good President.

Letterman's new show - a six-episode, monthly project titled My Next Guest Needs No Introduction - takes place in front of an audience, no band for music, no desk, less an opening monologue than a few opening remarks. Warning: More beard jokes will be made.

This arises in connection with a filmed segment in which Letterman walks with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) over the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Ala., where Lewis was severely beaten in 1965 for leading a civil rights march. There is no topical opening monologue, because on Netflix these shows are meant to be watched whenever the viewer wants to see them.

"You never know when you might learn something", Letterman said of his new show.

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Also unsafe for democracy, Obama says: political forces that keep trying to suppress rather than broaden voting.

"When you become president and you're in the Oval Office you feel, 'OK, now I have to act presidential.' And we lost track of what had gotten us there, and that was our ability to tell stories and relate to people", Obama said.

"I don't see this President-elect as a legitimate president", the Democratic representative told a NBC News anchor in January 2017. When Letterman rounded things off by declaring that Obama was "the first president I truly respected" you believed him - and felt he spoke for many.

"It is a major setback to the hopes, the dreams and the aspiration of a people", Lewis said.

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Letterman gives a lovely answer, verging on tears: "Mr. President, this is what I'm struggling with at this point in my life: I have been nothing but lucky". When John Lewis and his friends in April of '65-March of '65-were marching across that bridge, in April of '65 me and my friends were driving to Florida to get on a cruise ship to go to the Bahamas because there was no age limit to purchase alcohol, and we spent the entire week, pardon my French, shit-faced.

"Why wasn't I in Alabama?" he asks. You could imagine a different hour passed between the two men, in which Obama was the host and Letterman the guest. "I have been nothing but lucky".

First and foremost, the best thing about My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman is that David Letterman is back. It probably helps that the guest roster includes great foils for him like George Clooney, JAY-Z, Howard Stern, Tina Fey and Malala Yousafzai - as a late night host, Letterman at times had been noticeably unenthused to interview random starlets or young celebrities about upcoming projects.

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