MacOS App Store Preferences Open With Any Password


Anyone with administrator access can simply go into System Preferences in macOS High Sierra, navigate to the App Store section, click on the padlock icon to unlock it and enter a username and any old password.

Using the fault, they could disable automatic security updates to take advantage of system vulnerabilities that are regularly patched in the future.

A recently-discovered bug in macOS High Sierra allows any local admin access to the App Store preferences without the correct password. This should unlock the App Store preference for you.

There's a newly discovered security hole in the current version of macOS High Sierra that allows anyone with access to your Mac to unlock your App Store System Preferences without your system password. If it is unlocked, lock it and then try unlocking it using your username and any password.

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With I Am Root still fresh in the memories of users and the recent hoopla over Meltdown and Spectre not yet died-down, this comes at a particularly unwelcome time. According to Mac Rumors, this bug is also not available in the third and fourth betas of macOS High Sierra version 10.13.3.

The impact is small as it's only preferences for one application and, to get to it, you need to log into the operating system - and that password layer seems just fine.

The bug is nowhere near as risky as the root-access security flaw that was uncovered previous year, whereby attackers could gain root access to MacOS computers by typing "root" in the username field and leaving the password field blank.

The bug report highlighted that this new discovery signified another embarrassing flaw in password-based issues for Apple.

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Regarding the root flaw, an Apple spokesperson said: "We greatly regret this error and we apologize to all Mac users, both for releasing with this vulnerability and for the concern it has caused".

International Business Times was able to replicate the issue on a MacBook Air running macOS 10.13.2.

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