Massive Weather System From Florida To Bring Extreme Snow To Canada


Snow greeted northern Floridians for the first time in nearly thirty years Wednesday as a winter storm hits Florida, Georgia and other parts of the United States.

The US National Weather Service warned that a major winter storm would bring heavy snow and ice, from Florida in the southeast up to New England and the Northeast on Wednesday and Thursday.

The National Weather Service said a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain was expected Wednesday mainly along the Atlantic seaboard from Florida to North Carolina.

In central Florida, the states largest theme parks announced that water attractions such as Disneys Typhoon Lagoon, Universal Orlandos Volcano Bay and SeaWorlds Aquatica were closed. In Tallahassee, school officials announced that classes would remain closed Wednesday.

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Snow, sleet and freezing rain fell across parts of North Florida Wednesday morning closing roads, schools, universities and colleges in North Florida and South Georgia.

Forecasters predict one to four inches of snow are in Georgia, while parts of eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia may see locally higher amounts that top 6 inches. That snow also came after a prolonged blast of Arctic air.

More commonly referred to as a "bombogenesis" by meteorologists, this weather term describes an area of low pressure in the mid-latitudes that drops more than 24 millibars, a metric unit of pressure, in just 24 hours.

The unusual weather is from the same storm that promises to wallop the NY region on Thursday with up to a foot or more of snow forecast in some parts. However, cold snaps that lead to record lows will become less and less likely as Earth's fever runs ever higher.

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In Tallahassee, numerous vehicle crashes were reported and officials closed off about 55 miles of Interstate 10 in north Florida because of ice.

Studies in recent years have shown some remarkable warming-related snow trends, though.

But eventually, temperatures will become too warm to support snow, particularly in the fall.

A 2014 study that looked at how warming might affect the biggest snows - the Snowpocalypses and Snowzillas - found that extreme snowfalls might account for a bigger proportion of all snows for a time.

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