Microsoft Partners with Signal to Bring End-To-End Encryption to Skype


During the preview, users only will be able to start private conversations with other Skype Insiders using the latest preview version, and interactions will be limited to one-to-one conversations. The Microsoft-owned service has partnered up with Signal in order to enable the new functionality, which is optional and not default for every chat. If they do not accept before then, the invite will expire, and you will need to send another one.

Private Conversations are specific to a device. In conjunction with Signal, the new encryption feature will make private conversation between users secure. If you want to move it to another phone or computer, you will have to resend the invitation. What would happen if you forget to enter "Private Conversations"? End-to-end crypto ensures only each end of the conversation - the people talking to each other - can decipher messages. A lock icon will appear next to a contact's name to show that a conversation is encrypted. Microsoft does hand over some people's details and chat logs where "legally required and technically feasible", Mark Gillett, the company's chief operating officer said at the time. Moreover, users can't edit a message or forward a file.

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In a short blog post on January 11, Microsoft officials noted that the coming end-to-end encryption will work for audio calls, text messaging and image, audio and video file transmission.

Skype denied the claims in a carefully worded memo, saying the changes were all about improving the quality of service and making it easier to roll out new applications.

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Security is a big concern for many users and while most typically think of that as meaning you protect your PC from malware, there are also easy ways to protect your conversations as well.

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