Missouri Governor Admits Affair, Denies Blackmail Allegations


The report has prompted calls for Greitens to resign.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who was elected in 2016 after running freakish ads that essentially fetishized gunfire (like the Dan Bilzerian of politicos), has already found himself in a public relations nightmare. Most of his speeches have cited his status as "a husband and a father".

The governor made the admission hours after he gave his annual State of the State address at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

The problem for Greitens is that the woman's claim was never meant to go public at all; she didn't even realize that the conversation was being recorded.

Chappelle-Nadal said she has some words of advice for Greitens.

"He took a picture of my wife naked as blackmail", he said. Eric and Sheena have worked through those issues long ago and Sheena put it best: 'We have a loving marriage and an awesome family; anything beyond that is between us and God.

In a separate statement, Sheena Greitens added that she wanted "the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children".

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Neither the governor or his wife said anything about the reported photo shoot or the alleged blackmail threat.

But Bennett outright denied that the authorities are involved.

"A lot of interest has been focused on whether this was blackmail, whether this was extortion", Watkins said. The timing of the event isn't relevant either, despite Bennett's repeated mention of the fact that it happened three years ago.

The ex-husband recorded his wife confessing to her sexual encounters with Greitens, but according to the report, she did not know she was being recorded. And also that Greitens took a photograph during the encounter to use as "blackmail" according to the ex-husband.

The ex-husband says he's now releasing that recording to protect his family.

"If anyone has any information related to this matter, I encourage them to contact my office immediately", the statement concluded.

Ex-Husband: "Tell me the truth".

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"It's a really sad state of affairs in our politics and other parts of our society when things like this keep happening", Democratic Rep. GOP Sen. Caleb Rowden of Columbia said on Twitter he'd like to see an investigation by law enforcement. The woman's ex has since released the recording and given interviews criticizing the governor.

Lawmakers are reacting after Gov. Greitens admitted to having an affair. He was fined $1,000.

Libla also said the state "is going to move forward".

Comments posted on Greitens's Facebook page reflected a mixed reaction to the Wednesday's revelations. But now the Missouri governor is being accused of some pretty heinous stuff. "Lead on and God Bless!"

"'I can't, I can't be seen with you".

The governor is responding to an investigation by TV station KMOV in St. Louis. "The station declined to provide the tape or transcript in advance of running their story, which contained multiple false allegations".

The question now is whether there's any truth to the blackmail claims, if that occurred with any other women, and if Republicans in the state will do anything as a result of the allegations. He has barely hidden his political ambitions, and reserved the web address ericgreitensforpresident.com years ago. "The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these nearly three-year-ago events are false".

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The morning after news broke of Gov. Eric Greitens' affair and alleged blackmail, KMOX is finding a reason why this story was under wraps for almost three years.