Pardoned ex-sheriff running for Senate likens himself to Trump


But "America's toughest sheriff", as he called himself, never did.

Arpaio announced Tuesday that he is running for the Arizona US Senate seat now occupied by Sen. "A lot of them go after the president".

But Arpaio, as he has explained in the past, said his investigation wasn't into Obama's place of birth, only the document Obama released by the White House.

Receive our Daily Dispatch and Editors' Picks newsletters. And while homicide rates in El Salvador decreased 25 percent past year compared to 2016, the country has long held the distinction as one of the most deadly countries.

- Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sets his sights on our nation's capitol.

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After the Maricopa County sheriff's office detained a Latino man with a valid visa for nine hours in 2007, a class-action lawsuit led to an injunction requiring Arpaio's office to end its immigration-related stops.

Zachery Henry, a Ward spokesman, said members of the campaign don't believe Arpaio would split the GOP vote to Ward's disadvantage.

Mr Arpaio's announcement is likely to widen the field for Arizona's Senate race further.

Until now, the Republican front-runner in the race has largely been considered to be Kelli Ward, a former state senator.

If you're the Republican Party, this has disaster written all over it.

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Phoenix Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema announced she would also run back in September. How will Mr Arpaio's unexpected candidacy change the equation?

Re: the January 10 editorial "Former sheriff Arpaio is unfit for public office".

Flake seems to have likened Arpaio, 85, who is embroiled in a lawsuit with Flake's son Austin, to those of the GOP candidates he has previously denounced. For another, given that about 80 percent (548,000) of the DACA population comes from Mexico, followed by 3.7 percent (25,900) from El Salvador, according to the Pew Research Center, they could be targeted. He will face another pro-Trump candidate, former state Sen.

Arpaio said he would accept a Trump endorsement but wouldn't seek it. Mr Arpaio is popular among the president's base and shares many of his hardline views on illegal immigration.

Arpaio jumped into the state's GOP primary on Tuesday, touting his "unwavering" support of President Donald Trump, who pardoned Arpaio past year after the former Maricopa County sheriff was convicted of defying a court order in a racial profiling case. But his endorsement may not be automatic.

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Formidable, certainly, in a Republican primary. She demanded that Arpaio cease being so aggressive, and Arpaio ignored her. The presence of a top-tier Democratic candidate, in a year that is widely expected to favour her party, raises the stakes for a Senate race that in many other years would be all but decided in the primary.