Pyongyang tested more than a dozen missiles in 2017


North Korea said those who voted for the sanctions would face its wrath.

Just before Christmas, Legal Insurrection noted reports that North Korea was loading potentially deadly anthrax bacteria onto intercontinental ballistic missiles as part of a biological weapons test program.

Sources told RFA that Mongolian authorities have stopped issuing one-year visa renewals for the laborers to further reduce the numbers in line with global efforts to pressure the North Korean regime.

Last month the U.S. treasury published satellite photos of ships linked to each other at sea, apparently trading oil.

It was not immediately clear if Trump was referring to the report or USA intelligence in his tweet, or if he was accusing China - the North's main ally - of directly violating sanctions targeting Pyongyang.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made relatively fewer public appearances in 2017 since he assumed power in 2011 and about 30 per cent less than 2016, South Korea's Unification Ministry said on Friday. There's also been another incident take place in September of this year, where ships hailing from North Korea purchased fuel form Russian ships.

"These missile tests are not slowing down, they have been 22, 20-odd tests this year".

The report came as the North's ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun reasserted the regime's right to launch satellites and develop its space technology.

Trump has repeatedly directed threats at North Korea, which has said his heated rhetoric makes war with the U.S.

Another change includes a reduction in the number of North Koreans who were added to the blacklist for the United Nations sanctions.

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Beijing on Wednesday sought to play down the reports.

" 'It's really hard to get autocratic governments to change with the use of sanctions", he says.

The U.N.'s Security Council resolution also includes strikingly lower caps on refined oil to North Korea. "If there is solid evidence that Chinese persons have violated the Security Council resolution, then we will deal with this according to the law".

North Korea has reportedly developed a more advanced reconnaissance satellite and may be able to move it on a mobile launcher.

"My guess is that local governments might be involved in this on some level, but the central government wouldn't know", he said.

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The resolution will ban almost 90% of refined petroleum exports to the Pyongyang regime by imposing a stringent cap of 500,000 barrels a year.