Rebecca Hall Has Donated Her Woody Allen Film Salary To Time's Up


Actor Rebecca Hall on Friday expressed regret over working with Woody Allen, who has always been accused of sexual abuse by former wife Mia Farrow and his daughter, Dylan Farrow.

In a statement on Instagram, Hall said reflecting on Farrow's statements made her realize that her actions "have made another woman feel silenced and dismissed". That was six years before Dylan Farrow accused the director in an open letter of molesting her when she was seven.

Hall said she will donate her earnings from A Rainy Day In New York to Time's Up, an initiative hundreds of Hollywood women launched on New Year's Day to fight sexual harassment in the workplace.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, who has written extensively about sexual misconduct charges against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for the New Yorker magazine, has signed a three-year television deal with HBO. Of how I felt somehow more vulnerable and triggered (though certainly grateful) when millions of people showed me their support online, as though now my life had been reduced to one victimization...

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"Dylan Farrow's two different pieces made me realize that I had increased another woman's pain, and I was heartbroken by that realization", Gerwig said.

Mira Sorvino is joining the list of celebrity women who have openly regretted working with famed movie director, Woody Allen.

"That is not something that sits easily with me in the current or indeed any moment, and I am profoundly sorry", she continued.

"It is something that I take very seriously and have been thinking deeply about, and it has taken me time to gather my thoughts and say what I mean to say", she stated. She remembers herself in the mid '90s as a "naive young actress" who accepted "the media's portrayal of [Dylan's] abuse allegations against [her] father as an outgrowth of a twisted custody battle between Mia Farrow and him".

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In November, Gerwig's costar Ellen Page said her decision to work with Allen was "the biggest regret" of her career.

"It's a small gesture and not one intended as close to compensation", Hall writes about donating to Time's Up.

"I've also signed up, will continue to donate, and look forward to working with and being part of this positive movement towards change not just in Hollywood but hopefully everywhere". "There have been some fearless and bold women who have taken a stand with and for me in the past few days", she wrote.

Following the session, Sorvino briefly told the press that ever since directors Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff came out with their apologies about not considering Sorvino for roles per Weinstein's resistance, that "since those allegations or revelations there seems to be a lot of goodwill toward me in the entertainment business and I'm getting offers".

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"Even if you love someone, if you learn they may have committed these despicable acts, they must be exposed and condemned, and this exposure must have consequences", Sorvino boldly states, adding of Allen, "I will never work with him again". "From the bottom of my heart, thank you", Farrow tweeted.