Swiss cooks ordered to stun lobsters before boiling them


And Switzerland isn't on the coast anyway, so you probably shouldn't eat lobsters there as they'll have been in a van for a day before getting there and the meat will be all tense from the journey. The country has revamped its laws to further protect animals including large marine crustaceans.

Switzerland has just put a ban on boiling lobsters while they're still alive and it's a decision a lot of people can definitely get behind. Animal rights activists and scientists have claimed lobsters could feel "significant pain" when they are thrown alive into boiling water.

"If stunned electrically or if the brain is destroyed mechanically they are effectively dead", Robert Elwood, an ecology professor at Queen's University Belfast, told Newsweek via email.

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Switzerland's new rule is part of an overhaul of animal protection laws that goes into effect on March 1. "They would not recover consciousness if left in an attempt to do so".

The landmark legislation come amid growing scientific evidence that invertebrates such as lobsters, crabs and crayfish are capable of feeling pain. Robert Elwood, who led the team carrying out the experiments, said, "They were willing to give up their hideaway in order to avoid the source of their probable pain".

Some scientists argue that lobsters can feel pain, but the scientific community is divided on this.


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Italy also approved a similar law in June, ordering that crustaceans can't be kept on ice and be subjected to unjustifiable suffering before facing an instant death in fine dining restaurants.

He argued that the experiment results are "entirely consistent with the idea of pain".

It will be also illegal to transport lobsters in ice or icy water as the revamped laws ruled that all aquatic species must always be in their natural environment.

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A host of other animal protection rules are included in the new regulations, including the banning of devices that punish dogs for barking, new rules on the size of pet cages and a decree that says guinea pigs, rabbits and chicks are no longer allowed to be put on display in zoos.