The vehicle that can read minds


- Nissan announced Wednesday their research for enabling vehicles to interpret signals from the driver's brain, consequently introducing a whole new chapter in human-to-car interaction.

It's all part of Nissan's drive to make driving more enjoyable, instead of just focusing on making cars more autonomous.

The Japanese carmaker intends to showcase this new technology in time for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which kicks off January 9. "Yet B2V technology does the opposite, by using signals from their own brain to make the drive even more exciting and enjoyable", said Nissan executive VP, Daniele Schillaci.

While most automakers rely on computers to command their semi-autonomous systems, Nissan is researching how to let drivers control the technology - with their brains!

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When you're behind the wheel operating a vehicle manually, the B2V technology might be able to sense that you're about the turn the steering wheel or push the accelerator.

Dr Lucian Gheorghe, senior innovation researcher at the Nissan Research Centre in Japan said the brain-to-vehicle tech could have other auto applications such as adjusting the interior environment to suite the driver.

In autonomous vehicles, the system is created to sense when the passenger is uncomfortable and adapt the car's driving style.

The software monitors brain wave activity to anticipate intended movement, be that turning the steering wheel or hitting the brakes.

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While the thought of a vehicle acting on its own while you're supposed to be controlling it may sound a little concerning, Nissan says people won't notice these earlier responses. Any car-taken actions will be mostly unnoticeable to the driver, Nissan said.

The tech requires the driver to wear a device that measures brain wave activity.

B2V is the first of its kind. This concept appears to be a type of co-driving system, where neither the driver nor the vehicle completely dominates operations.

Nissan will be offering limited demonstrations of the tech at CES 2018, which kicks off this weekend.

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While some sectors of the automobile industry are pushing hard to advance driverless vehicle technology, with this project Nissan keeps a foot in the traditional driven-vehicle space, but with a unique twist.