Tips for a Dangerous Flu Season


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity has been reported in every state.

He said people should still receive the flu vaccine.

"Seasonal flu usually circulates for several weeks each year".

So far there has been one death associated with influenza as a result of these outbreaks.

"And if people are out there with these problems - very young people with chronic problems and they are hearing this and they haven't gotten the flu vaccine yet, it's not too late", he said. And while the shot is not as effective as vaccines in previous years, it still may lessen its symptoms.

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"It is somewhat unusual to be seeing the B strain this early in the season", said Collins. There have been four confirmed flu-connected deaths in the state thus far, it said.

According to a historical report from the CDC, the 1918 flu killed somewhere between 50 million and 100 million people and infected an estimated 500 million or one third of the world's population.

This year's vaccine isn't a flawless match for the strains of flu active in the United States; producing the vaccine usually involves a bit of an educated guess as to which strains will be active, and the guesses some years are better than others.

Jennifer Michaluk, director of health education and planning and a spokeswoman for the St. Clair County Health Department, said in an email that the number of flu cases in the county "is not something we can easily quantify as flu is not reportable except under certain circumstances". In Florida, data shows more influenza activity across all age groups this year than detected in the last two flu seasons.

Roughly 36,000 people die each year due to flu complications because they failed to get vaccinated. The component in the same vaccine that fights H1N1 flu, on the other hand, is about twice as effective.

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-Flu season is underway in SLO County. The flu vaccine is made to protect against the flu viruses that...will likely be most common during the season. But even healthy people can get very sick with the flu.

This year the most predominant influenza strain is H3N2, which some have dubbed the "Aussie flu" because it was particularly deadly in Australia during that country's flu season last summer (their winter). But in 2017, the number skyrocketed to 48 cases with 24 of those cases being reported in December. These include staying at home when sick, covering the mouth and nose with a tissue/cloth when coughing or sneezing, and washing hands or using hand sanitizer frequently.

Flu will make you feel poorly, but if you're having trouble breathing, if you are sensing any irregularities in your heart - those are signs that you need to contact your health care provider. But what should people to do protect others from catching the flu from them?

"Dog flu and people flu are not related, it's not zoonomic, meaning dogs can't pass the flu to their owners and people can't pass the flu to their dogs", Dr. Malone explained.

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