Total War: Three Kingdoms announced for Autumn 2018


In the meantime you can add Total War: Three Kingdoms to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page. The Han child-emperor serves as a puppet ruler for ruthless warlord Dong Zhuo, a tyrant who crushes the people of China beneath his remorseless rule. The brutal and oppressive regime's power grows as the empire slips further into anarchy.

Three heroes, sworn to brotherhood in the face of tyranny, rally support for the trials ahead. Will they triumph against the tyrant, or will personal ambition shatter their already crumbling alliance and drive them to supremacy?

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Koei Tecmo have been mining the period for their Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors titles for years (between the two series, they've released over 30 games).

The first trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms is light on gameplay details, but does set the tone with lavish CG.

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Nearly a year ago, Sega and Creative Assembly revealed that the next historical Total War game was in full development, but no one knew exactly when the companies would go on to unveil the fruits of their labor.

The team at Creative Assembly has lifted the veil on its next project. However, the developer isn't hitting the breaks just yet, with it announcing the next major installment to its strategy series, Total War: Three Kingdoms. The company develops and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

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Though the video is a cinematic representation, it is incredibly exciting - especially for those that are fans of the Creative Assembly franchises.