Trump hails sale of fictional Call of Duty fighter jets


Trump and Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg answered several questions about economics, energy sources and their North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance as well as direct questions about the US investigation into Russian collusion.

US President Donald Trump says that if a better deal could be reached on the Paris climate change accord, Washington might be persuaded to rejoin the agreement.

"Norway buys many things from us", said Trump.

After the US withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg made clear her disagreement.

"We could conceivably go back in".

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The Paris accord "as drawn and as we signed was very unfair to the USA", he said today.

The President expressed confidence Norway will meet the two percent GDP defense obligation to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Talking to Norwegian journalists, Solberg has said that she will ask Trump to support Norway to get seat in the UN Security Council.

The White House has not issued a comment on the president's statement.

That disagreement re-emerged when she met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday. "I feel very strongly about the environment".

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When Solberg pointed earlier in the day that US-made electrically powered Teslas were very popular in Norway, Trump replied "Oh, good".

Solberg highlighted another item on Norway's American shopping list: electric cars from Tesla.

Trump then changed the subject to, his Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential race. US presidents rarely attend the conference due to the optics of gathering with the planet's richest, highest-ranking business and political elites.

"When they have no collusion, and nobody has found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you would even have an interview", he said. "Free nations are stronger when trade is fair". "I think we can do both things", Solberg said, in maintaining a united allied front on sanctions while also cooperating with Russian Federation on issues related to the border Norway and Russian Federation share in the Arctic.

Solberg said the US was Norway's "closest ally inside NATO" and noted her country's investments in the USA, which she said supported 470,000

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