Trump hints at 'conceivable' U.S. return to Paris Agreement


"The Paris accord would have taken away our competitive edge". He also stated that the current agreement "took away a lot of [the country's] asset values".

At a press conference with visiting Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, President Trump criticized the deal the US had signed up for in the Paris Agreement.

"Frankly, it's an agreement that I have no problem with, but I had a problem with the agreement that they signed because, as usual, they made a bad deal".

He also said during the presidential election campaign that he wanted to help USA oil and coal industries.It was not clear from his comments on Wednesday whether he has embarked on any attempt to renegotiate America's terms.

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Trump seems to have advocated both agreement and disagreement with the Agreement within 15 words, while solidifying for all of us that he really doesn't understand the agreement.

Trump did not elaborate on what would have to change in order for him to keep the the fold. Almost every other country in the world has signed the agreement.

The President - who has been a vocal champion of the United States fossil fuel industries as well as frequently voicing climate change scepticism - said the Paris Agreement signalled a "tremendous penalty" for using gas, coal and oil energy, suggesting the deal was harsher on U.S. interests than Russian and China.

"We could conceivably go back in", Trump reiterated. Trump also said he wished the U.S. could use hydropower."One of the great assets of Norway is a thing called water", he said.

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That was the US economy's annual rate of growth from July through September, according to Commerce Department data last month. His comments drew a chorus of condemnation inside the United States and internationally, especially in Africa.

In June, Trump announced his decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris agreement, making the country the only one that has pulled out of the accord. It made it very hard for us to deal in terms of business.

Trump's meeting with Solberg was the first foreign leader visit with the president in 2018.

Last September, the United States was present as an observer when environment ministers from about 30 countries discussed key issues relating to the Paris agreement in Montreal, Canada.

She did note that green policies can lead to business opportunities, and noted that the USA company Tesla was selling many electric cars in Norway.

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