Trump's Threat to Sue 'Fire and Fury' Author Backfires


"Michael Wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book", Trump said.

The acrimony surrounding former White House adviser Steve Bannon's very public break with President Donald Trump is escalating, suggesting a permanent split between the president and the pugilistic strategist who helped put him in the Oval Office.

Now, we're five days into 2018 and we already have reports that even more people are ready to leave because they understand that this book release, because they've seen it from Trump on Twitter for the last few days, is going to make Donald Trump absolutely more insane than he already is.

In Washington, D.C., people waited outside bookstores in extremely cold weather to buy the book.

One of the book's claims is that President Donald Trump isn't capable of handling the day-to-day operations of the presidency because of his mental health. "I spoke to people who spoke to the president on a daily, sometimes minute-by-minute, basis".

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Trump, 71, issued the tweets from the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland, where he was meeting Republican congressional leaders and many Cabinet secretaries about their legislative agenda for the year.

The quotes reveal that though the book eviscerates President Trump and almost everyone he has working for him at the White House, even liberals in the media think the book and its author are untrustworthy. The White House has said the book is riddled with errors.

"The one description that everyone gave: They all say he is like a child", Wolf told the "Today" show.

"He said he interviewed me for three hours in the White House - it didn't exist". "And it all depends on his need for immediate gratification".

President Trump responded to proliferating concerns about his mental health on Saturday morning by oddly insisting he was not only "like, really smart", but a "very stable genius".

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In his book, Wolff features numerous behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Trump's White House and also describes numerous questions that Trump aides have about the president's intelligence and fitness for office.

After portions of Fire and Fury were reported on by The Guardian and then printed in NY magazine, Trump's lawyers issued a cease and desist in an attempt to stop the book's publication.

The reaction was less frenetic in New York, Trump's old home base. Flynn plead guilty to lying to the F.B.I. over Mueller's Russia investigation, though it was later reported Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, told Flynn to contact Russian officials.

"I absolutely spoke to the president", Wolff said.

"Fire and Fury" is on reserve at the Springfield Barnes and Noble. As recently as October, Trump referred to Bannon as a friend and said they had a "very good relationship".

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