Turkey is No Longer a Free Country, According to Global Rights Report


At the same time, Bulgaria's freedom of the media is placed in the category of "partially free" states.

The "Freedom in the World" 2018 report, published on January 16, ruled that Turkey's "political rights rating" had declined from 4 to 5 and its "civil liberties rating" had declined from 5 to 6.

Turkey registered the biggest decline in freedom across the world in 2018 according to a new report, and its status has been downgraded from "Partly Free" to "Not Free".

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"The extension of a two-year-old state of emergency also signaled the erosion of democratic order in Tunisia".

Democracy does not prevail in a majority of the world according to a recent study.

"Democracy faced its most serious crisis in decades in 2017 as its basic tenets - including guarantees of free and fair elections, the rights of minorities, freedom of the press, and the rule of law - came under attack around the world", the report found. This year saw the escalation of intolerant democracy worldwide.

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Freedom House rated 88 countries as "free", 58 as "partly free" and 49 as "not free" in 2017. Saudi Arabia was near the bottom with 7 while its regional rival Iran was on 17.

With 30 points out of a possible 100, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is also ranked partly-free, as was Georgia in Armenia's north.

Sharp democratic declines in Tunisia in 2017 threatened the only Free country in the Arab world and the sole success story from the 2011 Arab Spring.

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In Serbia, Freedom House concludes that the tolerance of European Union leaders toward President Aleksandar Vucic's "authoritarian tendencies allowed him to further sideline the opposition and undermine what remains of the country's independent media".