Twitter Inc (TWTR) Unlikely To Benefit From Facebook's News Feed Overhaul


That's the spoils of outcompeting traditional media for the role of the top news purveyor to the United States public - Facebook's most important audience in monetisation terms. The piece is meant to provide Facebook with a roadmap to fix some of its biggest issues.

Questions remain if app traffic can really compensate the decline in Facebook reach, with media company's apps previously falling short and seeing little uptake in the Australian market.

There are, however, multiple problems with this fashionable idea of heading up the anti-social media backlash. It takes a social media expert to cut through these competitive platforms these days.

We're used to seeing ads when reading or watching the news or otherwise interacting with professionally produced content. It seems the social network simply ignored him. From my user perspective, I want to use Facebook to interact with my family and friends and not to see my newsfeed filled with content from publications or other pages I've liked.

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At ClickOnDetroit, keeping our community in the know is our priority. In July, 2017, Mr Zuckerberg wasn't particularly happy with how that experiment was going.

Facebook also admitted that an operation likely based out of Russian Federation used its platform to spread thousands of ads centred on sensitive topics like race and LGBT communities to cause further division. Both Facebook and Snapchat will have a hard time selling attempts to crush that instinctive resistance as a viable strategy to investors and advertisers.

Given the scale of changes in many newsrooms, Navarra said there would be "a lot of angry and upset industry players today who will feel they have been cheated or played by [Mark] Zuckerberg". Every year, Zuckerberg carries a valuable surprise for Facebook users.

Any influence over news is also influence over politics, which is why Facebook's initial ban, and then reinstatement of a caused such a stir. But it's also a convenient way for Facebook to shift blame from its algorithm to friends and family, who may ultimately be some of the most perpetrators when it comes to sharing fake news. Journalists everywhere proudly display their work to "friends" they've never met. Can Facebook do anything about it? They will not have a choice in the matter: Facebook will not allow users to stick with the old system, even if they prefer it.

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In other words, there were consequences to Facebook's decision to introduce itself as a primary news source, only to abandon that role.

As Zuckerberg wrote on his post, the users of the social networking site have recently complained about the crowding of public content on social media and less personal content.

Even in the absence of such regulation, though, it's nice that Mr Zuckerberg is coming around to leaving news to professionals.

Press Gazette has launched a campaign calling on the Duopoly to stop destroying journalism and pay more back to news publishers on whose content they rely.

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