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Of course, that's not to say that Mike Mularkey's team doesn't have a chance against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The Eagles can rush the passer, which is why the run game will be key.

Clearly dejected, he seemed flustered and distraught while answering questions in his post-game press conference, even answering that he was "pissed off" about his performance when asked why he seemed more bothered than usual following the Titans' 12-7 loss to the struggling Cardinals. Defensively, the team made the necessary adjustments to stop the Chiefs especially after Travis Kelce left with an injury. But they are one of the best teams in the league at punching it in the end zone: their 18 rushing touchdowns are second in the league.

COURIER SPORTS COLUMNIST AUBREY BRUCE right with members of the Harrison family including James Harrison’s mother Mildred third from right
COURIER SPORTS COLUMNIST AUBREY BRUCE right with members of the Harrison family including James Harrison’s mother Mildred third from right

The Patriots have had a week off to prepare. "That was. first of all, that's a very, very hard play to make and that shows you his skill set, his athletic ability - to be able to throw the ball, have it knocked down and be able to catch it where he caught it, and go in and run (on) a scoring dive, it shows his athletic ability".

At the start of his first in-person meeting with the media this week, Bill Belichick laid down the law. Now you put everything that you have into this one-game season. The team relied on Dion Lewis and the ground game. Bluntly speaking, they are likely the worst team left in the playoffs. And it went beyond the 46 yards he added on eight scrambles, complete with moving the chains three times on third downs. The Patriots defense nearly exactly mirrors the Titans average in yards allowed per game, 114.8, which is 13 in the league.

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Franco was accused by five women of inappropriate behavior in a bombshell report published by the LA Times on Thursday. Not to mention, Rabbit Bandini co-owner Vince Jolivette defended that Studio 4 "was always run professionally".

That's a foreboding sign for the Titans when considering how the Patriots have performed when favored by that many points. The Patriots (13-3) are almost a two-touchdown favorite over a Titans team that sneaked into the playoffs after losing three of its last five games and finished the season with a minus-22 point differential, the only postseason team in either conference to allow more points than it scored.

"I think there's a great sense of urgency throughout the building, understanding that our whole season comes down to this week and this is the best football team that we will have faced all season long", Slater said. This will actually be Tennessee's sixth contest over the last nine that has not been at home.

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So did Kansas City's Alex Smith, though Smith didn't hurt them with his legs.

If the Jaguars are to win this game, they have to open things up.

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Rumors had been swirling all day, but at Nintendo Direct Mini , Dark Souls: Remastered was formally announced for the Switch. If you're on a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X , or a PC powerful enough to run 4K, you can die at 60 FPS in an upscaled 4K resolution .

The report concerned the relationship among team owner Robert Kraft, Belichick and Tom Brady, focusing on Brady's role in the trading of backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a second-round draft pick. George says only repetition will help Henry get better at picking up blitzes and understanding his assignments. Henry's ascension to workhorse back has been overdue, but now that he's here, some around him believe we're about to see his limitless ceiling. Then again, that was before the Titans were somehow able to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. He worked Titans receiver Eric Decker out of bounds, making Decker an ineligible receiver.