'We Want the Wall.' No DACA Deal Without Border Wall, Trump Warns


Trump himself this weekend reiterated that the wall is a precondition for signing any immigration deal that Democrats want as part of a broader budget deal.

After President Trump took office, the number of people pouring into this country illegally slowed to a trickle.

President Trump has ended the program - and their protected status will start expiring in March.

Democrats have been trying to push for a permanent DACA solution in exchange for funding the government.

Whether he ends DACA or builds his horrendous wall, Trump's motives are clear: Make the entry way into the USA narrower for non-white immigrants.

Nor would a wall stop illegal immigration, other experts said.

What a deal: $1.6 billion for 74 miles of wall. "It's only 700 or 800 miles total, some of that replacement".

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Nielsen described it as an advance payment, the $3,200 million requested for the extension of the fence during the first two years of the Trump administration.

With almost 700 miles of some type of fencing already in place along the border, would Democrats hold out on a DACA deal over a fence - which Trump could call a wall - that mainly replaces existing structures?

The administration has employed aggressive rhetoric and spoken consistently about securing the border and cracking down on undocumented immigrants in the US.

"We are going to be working on that very, very hard this year, and I think we're going make a big dent into the drug problem", he said. But he sees potential compromise with Trump in a "levy wall" - mounds of dirt covered in concrete that help prevent flooding.

A border-wall prototype is seen among the construction of the prototypes near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry outside of San Diego, as seen from Tijuana, Mexico, on October 16, 2017.

If border crossings are under better control without a wall, thus helping realize Trump's mission on immigration, his continued insistence on building one smacks of vanity to get his way.

Officials said they would wait 30 days for concrete to set and then spend 30 to 60 days evaluating each prototype. But Capuano said he'd be open to more "thoughtful" security proposals, including some fencing.

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Republican priorities could be stopped in their tracks if the Democrats are successful during the midterm elections. Isn't it interesting that none of the legislators who want to pass DACA want a wall on our southern border.

"Yes, I do", he said when asked if he stood by Sessions continuing as attorney general.

Republicans need Democratic votes to fund the government before January 19, though Democratic leadership hasn't yet directly threatened to withhold their votes if they don't get what they want on DACA. If there's no agreement, and he does not extend the deadline, Dreamers would lose their protections from deportation on that date.

Garcia pointed to the presidents plan to hire tens of thousands of border agents, which was announced in February but has yet to come to fruition because Congress still has not provided the funding.

Trump tweeted out his demands just before the new year. We have to get rid of chain migration.

"Once you're a citizen, you should have the full rights of citizenship", Gallego said.

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