WhatsApp reportedly testing new method of catching spam and hoax messages


But, that might end very soon.

So, the user is used to forwarding one or multiple spam messages to multiple contacts using the Forward option in WhatsApp - for this reason, WhatsApp is going to inform you about messages that have been forwarded many times.

"It is already enabled by default in the newest WhatsApp Google Play beta for Android 2.18.12".

The feature is now in beta-stage testing on Android and is still under development for iOS according to reports.

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Because their servers can spoof their invites, the attackers will not only gain access to future messages (the prior messages would not be seen) but they could also be able to block messages or prevent members to ask questions etc. And if a user needs to send a message to multiple contacts, WhatsApp recommends to use the Broadcast List feature, where only contacts that have your phone number in their address book will receive your message. Additionally, a user even the Web version of WhatsApp was unable to scan the QR code to log in.

By introducing the new feature, WhatsApp is continuing its quest to crack down on spam and hoax messaging being circulated on its messaging platform.

WhatsApp appears to be testing a new feature aimed at trying to limit the spread of chain letter style spam messages and tackle viral fakes spreading on its platform.

Some claim the issue can be resolved by installing the latest (v2.18.8) WhatsApp APK from the, however, we were not able to replicate either the bug or the resolution. The only way that it will stay free is if you are a frequent user i.e. you have at least 10 people you are chatting with.

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There are other spam messages that give fake links stating that you have won shopping vouchers from popular e-commerce websites.

WhatsApp's spam guide advises the users to beware of messages with poor spellings and grammar or messages that request personal information.

In according to our friends Whatsappen, a spokesperson told them that the company is watching spam closely.

While it wouldn't eliminate spam altogether, the new warning system will make it a lot easier to spot most of the spams because offenders never send such messages to just one target.

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