Whole Foods left with empty shelves under new stocking system, employees say


If you've had problems running into a few empty shelves at Whole Foods lately, you're definitely not alone on that one.

Looks like the Amazon online model needs a bit of tweaking when it comes to Whole Foods stores.

A new stocking system introduced at Whole Foods stores in the U.S. since it was acquired bu online retailer Amazon, has resulted in empty shelves, which employees are desperately trying to keep stocked, according to Business Insider.

While employees agreed that the system was effective in reducing extra inventory, it meant things had shifted into the complete opposite direction, with empty shelves driving away customers.

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Ordering mishaps and increased consumer interest are being blamed for empty Whole Foods Market store shelves in the months following the acquisition by Amazon.

"At my store, we are constantly running out of products in every department, including mine".

According to Business Insider, Whole Food's executives have "described the changes as cost-saving, and employees acknowledge that they have helped reduce food spoilage in stock rooms".

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A product mention by a celebrity, for example, could lead to rush in purchases a store may not be prepared for under the OTS system losing potentially thousands of dollars in sales. That's because it appears that Whole Foods is, uh, running out of food? "Regional and upper store management know about this". As in, there is literally nothing for sale in an entire category of food at Whole Foods, which, by its name, should be full of the foods.

"It's not that we don't care - we do. But our hands are tied". If anything is found to be not in order managers of concerned areas could be written up leading to employees getting fired. "After three write-ups, they can lose their job", Business Insider reports.

"Last week, we ran out of onions and potatoes twice", one employee said, according to Business Insider.

Some customers have been blaming Amazon for the problems.

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