Android P will come with a new design and notch integration


Google believes that if it can develop software that does a better job of working around the notch at the top of the smartphone's screen, it can attract iPhone users to Android handsets.

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The upgrades will likely support new features helping Android device makers keep up with similar Apple technology

Google is reportedly planning big changes for the next version of its Android operating system as Android P will support an iPhone X-like "notch" and more. Other updates to Android are said to include tighter integration with Google Assistant, improved battery life, support for smartphones with unique designs (multiple screens, foldable displays). Especially when Apple said that it is putting its own major redesign until next year to focus on performance and reliability in iOS 12. Before launching Pixel 2 XL with an 18:9 aspect ratio, Google had asked developers to "take advantage of the larger aspect ratio" on other Android flagships, reports PCWorld.

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As per reports, Google is working to refine the Android experience with the upcoming Android P update. The Essential PH-1 and iPhone X were striking when they launched, but the notch was only one element of two phones that both share an emphasis on clean, minimalist lines.

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The iPhone X has a similar issue in that not all apps are optimized to wrap around its top notch. As the main party responsible for curating it OS, Google would be insane not to adopt support for new tech that major companies such as Samsung and LG rely on. Until now, we've seen a number of attempts to achieve that, with mixed results. This means that we could see new Material Design, a design language that Google introduced on Android a couple of years ago. These partners can also tweak the software to their specific needs, so not all Android phones will have notches. Unfortunately, given the historically fragmented nature of Android development, it's unlikely that most Android devices (unless they have the phrase "Google Pixel" in their name) on the market today will actually get Android P updates.

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No official information is available at this point, but a new report from Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, now reveals some details regarding what to expect from Android P.