Apple's HomePod Speakers Leave White Marks On Wood


The company does have one final tip you might find useful though: "We recommend placing your HomePod on a different surface." Oh.

Apple most likely went through these reports and has updated the support page.

Apple traces the issue in one of its support webpages down to the "vibration-damping silicone base" on the HomePod. If you've splurged £320 on an Apple HomePod with the intention of displaying it on your equally-expensive shelf or table, you probably shouldn't.

"And this from Twitter user Guy San Francisco, who tweeted on Saturday: "#homepod left rings on my wood furniture in less than 20 minutes of use.

A review by gadget review site Wirecutter on Wednesday, noted that the Apple HomePod "left a defined white ring" on an "oiled butcher-block countertop" and a wood table.

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The possibility that the HomePod may damage wooden furniture adds to the growing list of problems that customers have with the Siri-powered smart speaker.

The statement shows not an bad lot has changed at Apple since the late Steve Jobs told iPhone 4 users concerned about the "Antennagate" flaw to "just told it differently".

'If the marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer's recommended cleaning process, ' the firm continues, seemingly suggesting that the user might need to refinish their furniture in order for the ring to go away. The result is that the HomePod can dynamically tweak its playback on the fly based not only on the song you're listening to but also on the dimensions of the room. If not, Apple suggests wiping the area with a soft or damp cloth - or if further cleaning is needed - you should be sure to follow the furniture-maker's guidelines for cleaning stains. Hence the problem can't be solved by just putting a cloth underneath it.

Apple has a long-standing reputation for embedding moments of design cleverness and even delight into its products, and the HomePod offers both, from setup to sound quality.

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