Armed deputy stood outside school building during shootings


Last week, tragedy struck in Parkland, Florida when a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 people. "He was armed. He was in uniform", Israel said. Peterson was eligible for retirement.

After he was suspended, Peterson, 54, resigned.

The sheriff says Peterson responded to the building where the shooting took place, took up a position outside a door and never went in.

Israel told reporters Peterson should have "w$3 ent in". "Addressed the killer. Killed the killer". Instead, the deputy waited outside for about four minutes.

Peterson's actions were caught on video during the massacre, which ranks as the second-deadliest shooting ever at a US public school, carried out by a lone gunman wielding a semiautomatic AR-15-style assault rifle.

"He never went in", Israel said.

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"Devastated. Sick to my stomach". There are no words. These families lost their children. "I got to the platform and began to speak not just written down words, but words from the heart".

CNN was attempting to reach Peterson for comment.

The next day a tipster from MA called the sheriff's office to report that the killer was collecting guns and knives.

The deputy referred the caller to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, where Cruz was reportedly living at the time.

The caller also reported that Cruz wanted to join the Army, and was concerned he would kill himself and "could be a school shooter in the making".

The three teens say they've never experienced a school shooting they weren't alive for the first major school shooting at Columbine that shook the nation.

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He added that the miscommunication actually made officers work quicker, since they thought the gunman was still in the building.

"I want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who has mental issues to use a gun", he said."I want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who is a danger to themselves or others to use a gun".

After receiving the link to the video, The Tampa Bay Times then reached out to Harrison, who said, "If my aide disparaged a student from Parkland who is grieving than I will deal most strongly with my aide".

"We've been working day after day since the shooting", said senior Talia Edmonds.

A school district in Waukesha, Wisconsin, sent a letter to parents telling them that the school district is not involved in a walkout that is scheduled for March 14 and that teachers and students would not be excused if they participate. "Me and some friends of mine are going to better organize the future protests at Mill Creek and hopefully they continue to gain attention until our Congressmen hear our cries and take action". "But we're getting like protective over our lives". The caller made the call from MA, according to the sheriff's department. "They're following him on video on the camera".

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