Black Panther Promo Calls Out All of MCU's Nods to Wakanda


Black Panther: The Official Movie Special will be released on February 20, 2018.

Black Panther's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a long time coming, at least according to the latest promo for the upcoming film. Featuring the New Balance 574 Sport and the 990v4, the brands came together to celebrate the warrior-king lifestyle of King T'Challa - better known as Black Panther. But in order to rule the country, T'Challa has to face down threats from within his own nation as well as from outside enemies. Of course, comic book movies continue to dominate at the box office and 2018 will certainly be no different, but the colorful heroes and villains found in the panels of our favorite comic books and graphic novels have also fared pretty well in the television and video game mediums.

Woman flushes hamster down toilet after airline bans it from flight
However, animal rights organization PETA thinks Belen is just as guilty as Spirit Airlines when it comes to the murder of her pet. However, when Aldecosea arrived at the Baltimore airport, Spirit refused to allow the tiny rodent on the flight.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Thursday, the 53-year-old actor who plays Ulysses Klaue in the Marvel movie said: 'I had a tussle with Chadwick Boseman and it was pretty painful'.

But this superb cast doesn't have a weak link. "Black actors that I could identify with, that look like me on screen". Veterans Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker bring presence and gravitas as Queen Ramonda and Zuri respectively, while Winston Duke's tribal leader M'Baku brings some unexpected yet very welcome laughs while exuding self-pride. The film ventures to other important places, too: There are sins of the fathers and redemptions of the sons that are core to the narrative, heads butt in Wakanda about its role on the worldwide stage, and each character has to wrestle with his or her role in a bigger picture, especially T'Challa.

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No longer will we have to wait until cheat day to pig out on our favourite Ben & Jerry's flavours thanks to their latest range. Now, Ben & Jerry's - known for its indulgent, chunk-filled creations - is firing back with a light ice cream of its own.

Ryan Coogler has explained that Kendrick Lamar was originally only due to contribute a few songs to the soundtrack of Black Panther.

Let's not wait too long for a return trip.

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A little boy had to be rescued from a win a toy claw machine after climbing inside it during a restaurant trip. According to the Titusville Fire Department, Mason was never in any distress once he realized he was stuck.