Cancer 'Vaccine' Wiped Out Tumors In Mice, Scientists Say


Although the cancer recurred in three of the mice, the tumors regressed after a second treatment, according to researchers.The treatment worked best in mice that were transplanted with mouse lymphoma tumors.

Scientists at Stanford University developed a cancer "vaccine" made from two immune-boosting agents that can completely eliminate all traces of cancer in mice that were genetically modified to develop a variety of different tumors.

Scientists are excited about "amazing" results produced by an experimental new cancer vaccine.

"When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumors all over the body", said Ronald Levy, MD, professor of oncology.

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One of the two immune-stimulating agents in the "vaccine" has already been approved for use in humans.

Researchers said they plan a clinical trial to test the treatment in 15 human patients who have low-grade lymphoma.

The treatment consists of injectable immune system boosters, which could provide a relatively cheap, non-invasive alternative to radiation and chemotherapy, known for their unpleasant side effects.

The study, conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, also found that the new treatment also eliminated untreated metastases, which are abnormal growths further away from the original tumor site.

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The study explained that when an immune system detects cancer cells in the body, its T cells attack the tumor but, over time, the tumor devises ways to overpower the immune cells and continues to grow.

The treatment takes only one-millionth of a gram injected into the tumorous area which reactivates cancer-specific T-cells in the human body.

"I don't think there's a limit to the type of tumor we could potentially treat as long as it has been infiltrated by the immune system", Levy said.

Similarly, recently approved cancer treatments, like vehicle T-cell therapy-while proven to be successful-comes with difficult-to-handle side effects as well as an extremely high cost. "In the mice, we saw fantastic, body-wide effects, including the elimination of tumors all over the animal". Doctors even found some of the immune cells kept on working throughout the body after killing the tumor. A clinical trial was launched in January to test the effect of the treatment in patients with lymphoma.

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