COMEY CHAOS: Susan Rice's 'UNUSUAL' Email Raises NEW QUESTIONS About Comey's Testimony


The email also outlined an Oval Office meeting with Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, and Joe Biden that took place that month. On its face, it seems clear (and it is remarkable that this is so) that weeks before President Trump's inauguration, the President, the FBI Director and others were wary that it might not be safe to share classified information about Russian Federation with members of the Trump team or perhaps even Trump himself.

Obama reportedly made these remarks in the context of a January 5 meeting, "following a briefing by IC leadership on Russian hacking during the 2016 Presidential election".

Another interesting one: Did anyone instruct, request, suggest, or imply that you should send yourself the aforementioned Inauguration Day email memorializing President Obama' s meeting with Mr. Corney about the Trump/Russia investigation?

The other portions are classified, but it seems as if Comey agreed to keep Obama in the loop on the possible shielding of information on Russian Federation from incoming Trump officials.

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Grassley and Graham said a portion of Rice's email contained classified information that remains redacted.

She added, "The President asked Comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team".

"In addition, despite your claim that President Obama repeatedly told Mr. Comey to proceed 'by the book, ' substantial questions have arisen about whether officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as at the Justice Department and the State Department, actually did proceed 'by the book, '" the senators added.

Critics are likely to view Comey's addition of the qualifier "alone" to describe his meetings with Obama in the sentence above as a cagey bit of lawyering used to avoid referencing the January 5, 2017 meeting. Lindsey Graham, who revealed the discovery of the email, are asking Rice how Comey responded to Obama's "by the book" comment, since it's now known that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee were working behind the scenes to pay for political dirt on Trump.

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"When you look at what happened, it was an abuse of power, not 'by the book, '" Graham said.

"If the timestamp is correct, you sent this email to yourself at 12:15 pm, presumably a very short time before you departed the White House for the last time". Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham.

Sens. Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Lindsey Graham, the chairman of a Judiciary subcommittee, pointed to the email, dated January 20, which reportedly described a January 5 meeting in Obama's Oval Office.

"All of this is", Limbaugh said during his February 7 show.

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Napolitano noted that Obama himself to Fox's Chris Wallace in 2016 that he didn't speak to anyone at the Department of Justice about any campaign-related investigations.