Democrat Nancy Pelosi, 77, delivers historic eight hour speech on her feet


Tomas Evangelista got a call from Nancy Pelosi's office early Wednesday morning.

Let me make this clear - whether or not you support DACA, whether or not you support DREAMers, whether you want a wall, a ban, a bill or none of those things - our elected representatives, the ones we chose, can not follow through on those desires unless Ryan lets them.

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of OH told Business Insider that while he thought Pelosi's speech was warranted and the right cause, it was unclear whether moderate members looking to avoid a shutdown would hold the line. And that - we should have the opportunity. "I believe we do".

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Pelosi continued to speak well after Senate leaders announced an agreement that would add about $400 billion in federal spending over the next two years, delivering the military funding boost Trump demanded alongside the increase in domestic programs that Democrats sought. "Virtually everyone trying to win seats outside of California feels she has hurt their chances", another Democrat told Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur.

BRAD SHERMAN: Number one, she's not in favor of the bill. The next two years, she passed almost all of President Barack Obama's legislative priorities.

"This stunt ... had nothing to do with protecting vulnerable members who have to take a hard vote", said one moderate lawmaker who asked not to be named.

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Conway agreed, "that's right", noting that she wasn't sure "what [Pelosi] got out of it except a lot of criticism from Democratic members today and also from dreamers". Was that something else? Indeed, Trump's path to his party's nomination in 2016 was paved by Republican invective in the House. At a recent campaign rally in the western Pennsylvania district holding a special House election, he was one of several Republican speakers to paint Pelosi as a liberal boogeyman. And thank you to your parents for allowing us all the pleasure of having you be a part of our American family every day. These tactics were evident at the State of the Union, when congressional Democrats sat on their hands and refused to stand to show their respect.

So, if Pelosi is not organizing a Democratic revolt to shut down the government to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, what was she doing Wednesday? That was the case during last year's special elections, too, and it will likely be the case this fall. Pelosi took advantage of her platform and used it to shatter the previous record, which was over five hours long and set by former House Speaker Champ Clark in 1909. Pelosi doesn't appear bothered by attacks from her opponents or the murmurs within her own caucus.

"Why do you need to offer people sanctuary form the law?" Is that what you're saying? "By the way, serious leaders negotiate behind closed doors". "There's all kinds of ways, I assure you", he told Politico's Heather Caygle, "that leadership exercises its influence - the least of which is a floor speech". And that is why I am able to attract the support that I do.

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There are no filibusters under House rules, but top leaders are allowed unlimited "leader time" and it's not uncommon for Pelosi to be yielded "one minute" but take more than 20 minutes.